What is a Rally?  Rally; (Mirriam-Webster) transitive verb

 1a : to muster for a common purpose

  b : to recall to order

2a : to arouse for action

  b : to rouse from depression or weakness

The Road Rallies presented by PCA Metro are all these things and more. Yes we muster for a common purpose. We are drawn to the Porsche marque for many reasons. We love the cars; we love to drive them, to care for them, to show them off, and to talk about them at any opportunity. Rallies provide all these things. A Rally is a recall to order. Rallies are created with a specific course to follow and a specific task to perform while driving the course. Participating in a Rally will definitely arouse everyone for action as it will rouse us from depression and weakness. What better course of action than to enjoy driving our cars on a Rally? Lastly, all Metro events are designed to bring people together as friends. We all have the love of the cars in common.

What do I need to Rally?

1 : A car to drive (It doesn’t even have to be a Porsche)

2 : The desire to have Fun

Yes, it can be as simple as that!


What about competition on a Rally?

Different types of Rallies can provide competition among the entrants. The level of competition is always up to you. In reality completion gives everyone something to do while following the course and gives the Rally Master the honor of awarding prizes at the concluding celebratory event.

Summer Rallies:  Save the Dates

July 15, 2018 The Vintage Rally will start in Islandia (Exit 58 of LIE) and finish at Osprey’s Dominion Winery in Peconic. The Vintage Rally will be a question and answer Gimmick Rally. As you explore the scenic roads of Long Island’s North Fork you will be asked questions about things you encounter along the route.

July 28, 2018 Zone 1 Rally will be part of the Zone 1 Weekend. The Zone 1 Rally will be a Gimmick Rally. It will start and finish in Huntington, Long Island. We will explore the history of Huntington Township by answering questions about Historic Markers seen along the route.