Welcome back folks! Another month has passed thus you all have the pleasure of once again listen- ing to me ramble on about Concours related goodness. By the time this is- sue ends up on your desk we will have concluded our last Concours event for the 2016 calendar season. While this would normally depress me a little bit on several fronts, the team and I have been busy planning the 2017 calendar of events and believe we have some great things in store for the group.

In my past article, I encouraged you to reach out to me and provide some feed- back and ideas on how you would like to see us grow this segment of the club. A few of you did and for that I'am truly thankful. We put these events on for your enjoyment and we do have the flexibility of trying new things. A few of you suggest- ed we try out a few new venues. While we will still hold some of the crowd favor- ites, we did decide to switch things up this upcoming year and hold our season finale at an old classic. I am not sure how many of you grew up attending events at the Vanderbilt Museum but that is always something I looked forward to. Not only is this a great backdrop for an event like this but the museum and grounds provide activities for the whole family. We are go- ing to try to structure events that allow the whole family to participate thus it will be easier for everyone to attend. If you are not familiar with the Vanderbilt Museum you can click on the following link and see what they have to offer. (www.vanderbilt- museum.org). Being that we decided to make the Vanderbilt the season finale we are going to kick off the season with an Old Westbury Gardens show. While I am sure everyone is familiar with this venue, we are still working on a creative spin here to ensure a great turnout and fun for the whole family. In case you are not familiar with the OWG venue, you can take a look at the following link. (www.oldwestburygar- dens.org). Please note that these will both be full and street class events. We felt as though a full event to start and end the season makes sense while hosting multiple street and gimmick shows in between.

While on the topic of requests, a few of you have asked that we start publishing the results of our events here in the Post. Starting immediately this will be the case so that all of you can see who showed up with what and how they placed. Given that I am a taker and not a giver (says my wife) I would like to ask another favor. While publishing the results of the events is great and does paint a nice picture of what happened, what helps even more are great photos. Putting these events on is sometimes a lot of work so it is difficult for us to capture a lot of the great moments that happen over the course of the day on film (does anyone use film anymore?). If you do take pictures during the course of the day, please email them to met- [email protected] and be sure they are in a hi res format. If we end up using your pictures, we will be sure to obviously give you photo credit for them.

I hate to be redundant but please share your thoughts and ideas with us for this part of the club. We just started the plan- ning, so input into what is important to you is what will make this grow in a positive direction. In the last issue I thanked a lot of the new faces. I would like to thank you all again as I have spoken with many of you offline and making new friendships while talking cars is what we all enjoy. Thank you for your participation and I look for- ward to seeing you all shortly.