The Results of the Snowflake 60 Road Rally are finally Done. Thanks for your participation in the 60Th Snowflake Rally. I hope you had as much fun as I did. Please reply to me with any comments or suggestions. The next Rally will be open to all and will be the Vintage Rally in July. It will finish at a Vineyard Eastern Long Island. Check back for photos of the event.

Yours in the sport, Rich Mooers Rally Master
Top Drivers

Car# Class Driver Navigator Place Score Award
2 Expert Class Ken Hargreaves Hugo Brunert 1E 68 1E
30 Expert Class Henry Hoeh Jeff Goldberg 2E 244 2E
1 Expert Class Jeff Becker Pete Schneider 3E 265 3E
21 Expert Class Murat Basaran Elif Kolayli 4E 314 4E
17 Expert Class Ron Roybal Linda Roybal 5E 653 5E
14 Touring Class Alfonso Stasi Tom Troxler 1T 10 1T
26 Touring Class Mke Yandurino Veronica Yandurino 2T 11 2T
4 Touring Class Mike Portocarrero Jarek Grabowski 3T 12 3T
16 Touring Class Wayne Vitale Nancy Nancy Pavis 4T 13 4T
24 Touring Class Chris Merkel Stephanie Merkel 5T 13 5T
31 Touring Class Stuart Gelberg Vicki Gelberg 6T 13
18 Touring Class Brittany Walden Aneita Gandley 7T 14
19 Touring Class Lance Margolin Valerie Margolin 8T 14
12 Touring Class Russ Armstrong Natalie Armstrong 9T 15
11 Touring Class Angelo Lettier Jean Lettieri 10T 16
8 Touring Class David Leonoff Rich Smith 11T 16
20 Touring Class James Wiegand Celeste Voegelin 12T 16
6 Touring Class Lynn Boison LeRoy Boison 13T 16 Light House
28 Touring Class Joseph DeGillo Susan DeGillo 14T 16
29 Touring Class Nathan Wolski Ryan Hosie 15T 17
5 Touring Class Stephen Korell Katie Solean 16T 18
33 Touring Class Martin Okner Lukas Okner 17T 18 Father & Son
27 Touring Class Santo DiSclafani Sawnuta DiSclafane 18T 18
25 Touring Class Dan Fishkind Marc Campisi 19T 18
15 Touring Class Doug Geraci Steve Geraci 20T 20
7 Touring Class Brad Chesleff Susan Chesloff 21T 20
3 Touring Class John Kilgen Brian Sadenwater 22T 20
23 Touring Class Basil Cimino Mark Cimino 23T 20
13 Touring Class Saleen Nathoo 24T 20
22 Touring Class Chuck Bernstien Mitch Lilliem 25T 21
10 Touring Class Donna Butler Dawn Dawson 26T 22
9 Touring Class William Moutin Blake Moutin 27T 22
32 Touring Class George Stephani Lee Stephani 28T 25