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7: Holiday Party- Jericho Terrace

  MISSION STATEMENT The mission and purpose of the Metro NY Porsche Club of America Autocross Program is to provide a structured environment in which to promote the education and improvement of driving skills in a safe and controlled environment. The Autocross Program is designed to teach each participant advanced car control technique, so that the participants can improve their driving abilities, better understand the handling and dynamics of their vehicle in a real world environment, and become better, safer drivers.
 Autocross Agenda 

Autocross Agenda:

Site Opens: 7:00 am
Registration: 7:30-8:45 am
Tech Opens: 8:15 am
Late Registration: 8:30-9:45 am
Tech Closes: 9:00 am
Driver Meeting: 9:30 am
Novice Meeting: 9:45 am
First car off: 10:00 am
Trophies: 3:30 pm
 Want to Autocross?  Know your class! 

Our goal is to make your Autocross experience fun and your registration expeperience quick and easy. Know what class you are in. It saves time and helps the registration line move quickly.  If you don't know what class your car is in you can email Rich Wayne @ autox924@gmail.com. Please include your car's year, make and model and list any modifications you have made. You can also see the full class list by clicking the classifiation link. Classification

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 2014 Zone 1 AX  Day 1 
 2014 Zone 1 AX  Day 2 

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